Let's do it together

'Let's do it together' in St Helens is a campaign that the NHS in St Helens is running across the borough for six weeks from Monday 2 December. The aim is to promote the fact that A&E department at Whiston Hospital is now running St Helens Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) and to make sure that if people are unwell and need support, advice or treatment, they know what to do and which services in St Helens are the most appropriate for them to use. 

There will be a focus on social media - especially on the Urgent Treatment Centre - and we'll be talking to the public, handing out thousands of pocket information guides across St Helens. 

Help us share our messages by following St Helens CCG (@sthelensccg) on Facebook and Twitter - liking and sharing our videos, posts and tweets. There will be live tweeting in January from each of the services: Community Pharmacy, GP, NHS 111, UTC, A&E and 999.

The pocket information guides we have produced gives all the details of community services available in St Helens and when you should use them as well as advice on mental health, antibiotics and information on an app for parents of young children to help them make the right choice. 


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