Below is some of the feedback we've had so far from staff members who are using the system and the benefit they feel it is providing. 

If you have feedback you want to share with us please get in touch via [email protected] 


“The Shared Care Record has been a massive help and benefit to us, mainly due to the fact it has significantly reduced the time spent chasing up appointments. CQC require us to audit patients referred under the 2 week wait and to check they are seen within 14 days.  The Shared Care Record saves a lot of time on this audit task, as we can double check the referral has been received and usually within a couple of days of the patient being referred, check when their appointment is. Before this system, we were telephoning the patient to check they had received an appointment and if they hadn’t, chasing the appointment with the hospital and then calling the patient back!” Nicola Crompton, Assistant to Practice Manager, Ferguson Family Medical Practice


“I have used CareCentric a few times and find it really useful when patients do not have a Summary Care Record. This has saved us time when completing medicines reconciliation as we do not have to ring a GP surgery and request (and wait for) a fax of patients medications. I would say it can save a minimum of 10minutes per patient (sometimes much longer if the fax takes a while to arrive on the ward). Overall, it is a good system that is of great use to us.”  Natalie Lea, Pharmacist, Pharmacy

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