What is St Helens Cares?

St Helens Cares is a range of partners (NHS organisations, St Helens Borough Council, Torus Housing, the voluntary sector, police, fire, probation service) working together to join up services, manage demand and improve people's outcomes in St Helens.

Our vision is:

One place, one system, one ambition

Improving people's lives in St Helens together

We have a St Helens Cares partnership board made up of leaders from the organisations mentioned above and this meets monthly to focus on the key priorities and goals to be achieved by 2027.

Mental Wellbeing

  • support people at risk from self-harm
  • reduce alcohol dependency
  • improve personal wellbeing

Healthy Weight

  • support healthy eating choices in the borough
  • encourage residents to lead a more active lifestyle
  • improve healthy life expectancy in the borough

Resilient Communities

  • support people to live independently
  • reduce social isolation and loneliness
  • embed multi-sector working in the borough's four localities and networking.

Latest videos

Latest videos

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