Services for children and young people and families

Under St Helens Cares integrated health and care provision, NHS Cheshire and Merseyside ICB and St Helens Borough Council commission through the Children’s Integrated Commissioning Team a variety of services for children, young people and families.  They also work with local partners to ensure a variety of services are available. On the following pages you can find local services:
Childhood Illnesses

A free app providing local NHS-approved support and information to parents and carers of children aged 0-5

Catch App Flyer

The 'Big 6' - Information leaflets for parents on the six most common child illnesses

The 'Big 6' has pathways for GPs on the six most common conditions that children and young people present with to Urgent Care plus leaflets for parents/carers on what to do

The Big 6

GPs in the borough have also have been issued with the St Helens 'Big 6' document which contains standardised clinically agreed and NICE-approved pathways of care based on a ‘Red’, ‘Amber’ and ‘Green’ presentation of symptoms with clear clinical instructions on how to manage the condition at each level.

This includes information on how to safely manage these conditions in primary/community care and when and how to escalate to alternative provision locally such as the Children’s Observation Unit (ChObs). GPs can also print and give the above leaflets to parents for future reference and for ongoing management of the conditions and symptoms at home.

Continuing care and complex needs

Children and Young People
Continuing Care Assessment
and Complex Needs Panel

A continuing care package will be required when a child or young person (up to the age of 18 years) has needs arising from very complex health needs. This could be due to multiple and enduring health care needs due to disability, accident or illness.

Continuing care leaflet

What is continuing care?

Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Thoughtscape – First Stop for your Mental Health and Directory of Commissioned Services

Thoughtscape is a collaborative service offer for emotional wellbeing, resilience and mental health support for children and young people in St Helens. This offer results in easier, early access to support when a child or young person is struggling with their emotional health or wellbeing by delivering a 'no wrong front door’ model.

We are also proud that the name and strapline for this collaboration were created and selected by the children and young people of St Helens.

This offer will provide support and interventions to children and young people with mild to moderate mental health and wellbeing problems including anxiety, low mood and behavioural difficulties. The three main service delivery partners within this offer are the Resilience Teams (Barnardo’s), Mental Health Support Teams (NHS) and Kooth.

Online counselling and emotional support for children and young people aged 10-25

Support for young people and their families living with neurodevelopmental conditions

Counselling for children and young people affected by bereavement or other forms of loss

Crisis Response Team

Provides immediate crisis response and management out of hours for individuals who require urgent mental health support

01744 627 618(Professional Referral)

Neurodevelopmental Pathway

Multi-agency assessment of complex neurodevelopmental difficulties

St Helens Neurodevelopmental Pathway Team Leaflet

Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule Leaflet

Urgent Mental Health Support Line

Self-referral for urgent mental health support that’s available 24/7

0800 051 1508

CYP specialist Mental Health Support – CAMHS and Barnardo’s

Support for young people with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties, and their families

Youth Mental Health Toolkit

Online kit filled with ideas for young people to embrace taking care of their mental health

Young People’s Community Eating Disorder Service

Assessment, treatment and support for young people with eating disorders and their families

School Nursing emotional wellbeing offer

Confidential drop in clinics in secondary schools, interventions and support

School Nursing (St Helens) - Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust (

Primary School delivered teaching of emotional awareness and problem-solving skills

Offering emotional well-being and resilience support to all secondary aged children and young people.

Barnardo's Resilience Service Referral Form

Mental Health Support Team

The Mental Health Support Teams (MHSTs) will offer consultation to professionals and families and direct intervention with children and young people. The first wave of MHSTs (April 2021) will support the following schools: St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic High, Cowley International College and St Cuthbert’s Catholic High with further rollout planned for the coming years to cover all secondary schools and primary schools.

St Helens MHST Referral Form

YMCA Listening Service

Young Peoples Listening Service for young people aged 12 to 18 offering one to one support for young people aged 12-18 who would benefit from mental health focussed support and/or someone to talk to

General Information

NHS St Helens ICB complaints and compliments

We would like to hear from you if you think we have done something well or if you have suggestions on how we could do something differently.




Maternity Services

Provide care for women and their baby from the start of their pregnancy through the birth and beyond, offering support, advice and information

Maternity Services leaflet Parents in Mind

Mental health peer support service for women experiencing mild-moderate mental health difficulties during pregnancy and with babies up to two years

Parents in Mind referral

NCT poster


Developmental Paediatrics

Support children and young people with developmental needs


Community Paediatric Service Leaflet

Paediatric Continence

Provide support, advice and treatment to children and young people with bowel and/or bladder problems

Paediatric Continence website

Paediatric continence leaflet

Hospital at Home

Support children and young people to help them leave hospital early and enable them to receive care at home

Children’s Community Nursing

Supports children and young people with complex health needs delivering care, support and training to families and carers

Children's Community nursing team website

Children's community nursing leaflet

Looked after Children’s Nursing Team

Support children and young people in care to ensure their health needs are being met


Ensures children have the best hearing levels possible so that they are able to communicate, learn and interact with others to the best of their ability

Orthoptics (eyes)

Diagnoses and treats eye problems in children

Eye clinic website

Community Dietetics

Support children and families who need nutritional advice

Podiatry (foot care)

Support children and young people conditions affecting their feet and lower limbs



Public Health Services

Health Visiting

Health visitors are specialist public health trained nurses who hold qualifications and skills in child health and development, who offer support for pregnant women and families with children below school age.

Health Visiting (St Helens) - Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust (

School Nursing

School Nursing Service is available to all children and young people aged five to 19. The Teams deliver the Healthy Child Programme by promoting good health, preventing ill-health and providing services to do with physical and emotional health, including sexual health.

School Nursing (St Helens) - Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust (

Enhancing Families Programme

The Enhancing Families Programme will replace the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) in St Helens for families requiring additional support..

The criteria for the programme includes:

  • Isolated and or unsupported teenager
  • Current mental health concerns
  • Current drugs and or alcohol misuse
  • Current concerns of domestic abuse in relationship
  • Looked after child or care leaver

As there is no parental upper age limit, the programme will have a wider reach and subsequent positive impact within the borough. Clients should be less than 32 weeks gestation at the time of referral and can access the programme for up to two years. The client can also return to the 0-19+ Health and Wellbeing Service (Healthy Child provision) at any point should they complete the interventions or decline further input.

Enhancing Families Programme - St Helens - Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust (

Vaccinations and

We provide the routine national immunisation programme for school-aged children in St Helens. You can find out which immunisations your child needs, by visiting NHS Choices.

Vaccination and Immunisation Service :: Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Specialist Vision Screening

The Orthoptic Department provides expert assessment and treatment of childhood vision defects for CYP with additional needs

Vision Screening in Special Educational Needs (SEN) Schools Leaflet

National Child
Measurement Programme

The National Child Measurement Programme is delivered by the school nursing teams in St Helens as part of the healthy child programme

School Nursing (St Helens) - Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust (

Infant Feeding

The service offers a professional and caring approach to supporting mothers and families who wish to begin and continue breastfeeding for as long as they wish.

Infant Feeding Service (St Helens) - Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust (

Children’s Specialist Weight Management Service

Support for children and families to eat healthier and exercise more through fun and engaging sessions offering nutritional information and exercise and games.

Children’s Well-Being Service

St Helens Wellbeing service makes it easier to access a wide range of healthy living and wellbeing support through a ’one stop shop’. They have joined up services that provide advice and help with healthy eating, exercise, weight management, stopping smoking, breastfeeding, emotional and social wellbeing, oral health and volunteering.


Annual health checks for young people with LD and/or ASC

Annual health checks with your GP are available for young people aged 14 and over who have a diagnosed Learning Disability

Please contact your GP directly to arrange an annual health check

CETRs (Care, Education and Treatment Reviews)

Care, Education and Treatment Reviews are focused on those children and young people who either have been, or may be about to be admitted to a specialist mental health / learning disability hospital either in the NHS or in the independent sector.   The process specifically relates to Children and Young People with a learning disability and/or autism who display behaviour that challenges, including those with a mental health condition

Please contact your lead professional- health, education or social care

 CETR Leaflet

Designated Clinical Officer

A child or young person has special educational needs and disabilities if they have a learning difficulty and/or disability that means they need special health and education support, we shorten this to SEND. The Clinical Commissioning Group has specific responsibilities to support the identification and to meet the health needs of children and young people with SEND and this includes ensuring that there are health contributions to the Education Health and Care needs assessment process and the commissioning of specialist health services.

SEND and Disabilities

The Designated Clinical Officer Role

SEND Local Area Inspection Letter

SEND Local Area Inspection Letter Addendum


Social Care Support

Provide the Family Support and Befriending service in St Helens. They are a team of volunteers who work with families to provide 1:1 face to face and virtual emotional support. They also deliver parental training courses to parents and provide the ready for school programme

Home Start leaflet

Offer the Family support and befriending service; provide early intervention and ‘wraparound care’ for struggling families, helping them to get back on their feet

Advocacy Focus provide the Children’s rights, advocacy and independent visitor service for St Helens

Together Trust provide the SEND Mediation and disagreement resolution Service in St Helens

Catch 22 provide the Missing from Home, Child Sexual Exploitation, and Child Crime Exploitation service in St Helens

Speech and Language, Occupational and Physiotherapy

Speech and Language Therapy

Supports children and young people with speech, language and communication difficulties

Paediatric Occupational Therapy

Support families who have children and young people who struggle with functional and daily living skills

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Support children/young people with physical needs e.g. musculoskeletal, neurological, developmental & orthopaedic conditions

The 0-19+ Health and Wellbeing Service
0-19+ Health and Wellbeing Services in St Helens - accessing support during Christmas and New Year

The Healthy Child Programme in St Helens, which includes Health Visiting, School Nursing and an Enhancing Families Team (formerly Family Nurse Partnership) is now provided by Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation TrustLocal parents, carers and young people will continue to see the same health professionals in their local community and continue to receive dedicated care and support.

 Contacting the team during service opening hours:

You can contact a member of the 0-19+ Health and Wellbeing Team by telephone or email:



Newton and Haydock:

Online support:

The 0-19+ Health and Wellbeing Service has a dedicated children and young people’s website. With the click of a button, parents, carers, and young people can access a range of local and tailored support, information, and advice, including videos and resources - ranging from baby packs to fussy eating, puberty support to vaccination schedules, emotional and wellbeing support to resilience resources, as well as local online support groups.

To search for a particular service, you can either use the A-Z service directory or the search function.

 Health Visiting and School Nursing Facebook pages

Follow the dedicated Facebook pages for local support and information.

Health Visiting Hub - St Helens


School Nursing Hub - St Helens


The Children's Health Hub

to add

Wheelchairs and Equipment

Wheelchair Services

The Wheelchair Service provides assessment of mobility needs, pressure care and postural support in a wheeled device. The service provides the appropriate mobility equipment which allows patients to be mobile both in and outdoors

Equipment Services

HICES provides an equipment service to the people of Halton and St Helens to support independent living.

Breathe Buddies

Having a child with a respiratory condition can sometimes be overwhelming. Talking to others whose children have similar
conditions can help you feel less isolated.

That’s where our Breathe Buddies come in… there is nothing like talking to someone who just gets it!

Benefit from others who have been through similar experiences and understand the challenges you face; and become part of a network of people coming together to support each other.

Benefits of the Breathe Buddy Programme for Families:

• Raising awareness of respiratory services, improving the ability to manage your child’s condition
• Gives information about local services that you can benefit from
• Brings families together to support each other through
shared experiences
• Increases early engagement with local service providers that may help reduce the need for hospital admissions due to a respiratory condition
• Expand your knowledge on respiratory care
• Builds confidence around respiratory care.

For more information get in touch on 01744 371 111 or email